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Timeless Tours offer educational tours that will take you off the ‘tourist trail’ and enrich your overseas experience. We will give you good value for money and leave you with many lasting memories.

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Tourist Trail

Timeless Tours will take you off the ‘tourist trail’. You will become a traveler and not a tourist. Our tours are informative and full of adventure. We offer an educational opportunity.

World Class Service

Timeless Tours have experienced programme leaders. The company founder has six years’ experience leading tours to a variety of destinations. We provide experienced leadership.

Best Price Guarantee

We have carefully planned our tours to give you the best value for money. We guarantee a reasonably priced tour.  


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What Customers Say

  • Both Martin and Len demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, empathy, care and sensitivity.
  • Dearest, most patient Len. People come into our lives for a reason. How lucky we are to have spent a month with you! Of all the Group Leaders we have had on our five tours you have been by far the best!
    Jan and Theo
  • There are not enough words to describe how you have enhanced our travel experience. You will not be forgotten。
    Jim and Mary
  • Len, you are such a patient, caring and very organised man. We appreciate you
  • Len, be well and keep doing such good work.
    Fondly, Katey
  • Dearest Len, at both ends of our lives – young and mature- we have need of a security blanket. You have been that for me the past month. Thanks for walking slowly when I twisted my ankle, plus many other very thoughtful acts of kindness.
  • Len as site coordinator, set the bar very high for all other coordinators right from the start. His subtle and subdued approach to everything made learning a very pleasant experience. He is so knowledgeable and also has a very user-friendly approach to impart onto you all of his knowledge and experience. Through anecdotes and personal stories he makes the learning process painless. He is very much aware of the group dynamic and knew how to pace the transfer of information to us. Len is the kind of teacher everyone wishes they had.
  • Len was the best of all the site coordinators and our whole group agreed upon this. He was informative, cordial and knowledgeable. He and John made a good pair and worked well together. His sense of humour was great.
  • John did a great job. Very good leader. Len was outstanding. Knowledgeable, witty and fun.
  • Thanks Len for the stories and absolute care to not find a soul lost in the wilds of Mongolia or Russia. One more successful trip to add to your multitude of excursions.
    Mark Anthony
  • I absolutely adored Len Wilson. His humour and self-effacing attitude were utterly charming. His knowledge and personal stories only added to the enjoyment of our tour, establishing a cohesiveness within our group from the very beginning. He and John worked so well together, it was hard to believe they had not known one another previously.
    James and Susan
  • Not Having the customary technologies to obtain information on a program assignment. Len graciously allowed me time after his lecture to do an interact on the subject of interest.
  • Tony was very personable and the information he had was very interesting.
  • John is a very nice man & give a great presentation!
  • Besides George,  there was one other instructor, Len, who provided very interesting history of Thailand.
  • Thanks Len for all your care and consideration. You have opened my eyes to parts of the world about which I knew little. It’s been a joy and a privilege to travel with you. I hope we meet again.
    Jane Bennett
  • Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and advice about Mongolia and Russia. Your enthusiasm has kept us going when we’ve all been exhausted physically, emotionally and intellectually. You made the next church, cathedral or palace as exciting as the first.
    Christina Hardy